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T-fal Saute Pan with Lid, Nonstick Pan, 5 Quart, Black

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5 Quart capacity for cooking family size meals.The pan measures 12" diameter, from handle to handle 22"L and depth is 3" Superior nonstick interior and exterior make it easy to cook and clean. Healthy cooking results with minimal oils or fat Glass lid allows you to watch cooking progress. Vented hole lets steam escape to prevent boiling over Aluminum construction for fast and even heat distribution Dishwasher safe; Oven safe up to 350 degrees F; Limited lifetime warranty Popular wedding gift for the couple and/or housewarming gift that friends and family can use daily


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Wild Bear 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

This has been one of my favorite pans for a couple years now. That changed today when the lid suddenly imploded while I was simmering some baked beans on the stove. I had the lid tilted on the pan to let out steam and the pan was on a medium hot stove when the lid just suddenly shattered into a hundred pieces. I have never seen anything like this happen! I am a little worried now because I recently purchased all T-fal cookware. I am hoping it was a freak accident. I still gave this pan three stars because it was my favorite and the pan still works without the lid.Update: Because I loved this pan so much I bought another so I would have a lid. I still love the pan and the new lid hasn't imploded yet. Fingers crossed!

Suzanne 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

This product is hazardous! The lid shattered in the dishwasher and spread pieces of glass all over the inside of my dishwasher.

SeaGoddess3240 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

There are several things I like about this pan:* It's large & deep* Side handle is convenient* Lid is nice & easy to cleanHowever, that being said, the bottom of the pan warped after just a few uses. The large center "spot" on the bottom warped outward, which causes any liquids in the pan to pool to the center. I even followed all the directions (not to put it under cold water when hot).So while there are the positive aspects of owning this pan, the fact that is now warped and food cooks unevenly is enough to make me recommend against purchasing it.

Susan & Leonard 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

WOW.. for T-fal I feel badly having to write a bad review. All my adult life I've sworn by this brand and this particular pan has failed. I needed new pans because the ones I've had for several years just need replacement. I ordered this one in the fall and it's already useless. Maybe the fact I spent a bit less than I did on the previous or maybe just unlucky with this brand for the very first time. The teflon coating has started bubbling and in some spots peeling away. We've used this pan primarily for spaghetti sauce and spanish rice perhaps not more than twice a week on average. I would figure we got nearly 25 uses out of it. I didn't give only one star this because I still believe in the T-fal product.. but low enough rating as this pan didn't pass my simple test. I'll purchase another model and hope it works like all my older pans have always worked out.

T. Gomez 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

Years ago I owned a T-Fal wok that I loved, but over time the non-stick coating began to badly peal. This was long before they explained that metal utensils and high heat were verboten. I decided to give the brand another shot after my bad experience in the past, but this time I would baby it as much as possible. I only used medium heat and wooden and silicone utensils. After approximately four months of regular use the pan started to peal. I got it on sale and it will cost too much to return to the manufacturer. I snapped a photo before tossing it into the garbage. This will be the last time I ever purchase a T-Fal product. I loved the size of this vessel and I'll be purchasing an all stainless pan from a better brand.

R. Palermo 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

Could not buy a better pan for the money.This is my second one, and with proper care is bound to last as long as my previous one (7 years). To clean it, simply rinse it under hot water using a soft sponge and liquid dish soap; the heat of the water activates the non-stick, so left over food slides right off. .It is sturdy, yet light enough to handle, and it does not bow with high heat (unlike my $60 "bargain priced" Calphalon)The small handle is really a lifesaver for handling the pan when it's filled with food.The cover fits perfectly.This pan is perfect for cooking chicken and frying, but also for family-sized entrees (will easily fit 4 large slices of shank for ossobuco). My favorite thing to do with it is stewed, caramelized vegetables (a side dish we call Fricando in Italy), which are quite bulky going in and reduce to less than half their size.. To make it, just heat up some olive oil ( about 3 tbsp), add 1 large sliced onion, 4-5 medium sized peppers, chunks of eggplant (medium sized), 2 medium zucchini squash and 3 medium sized Idaho potatoes(3/4-1" chunks), a dash of salt, pepper, 1 tbsp garlic powder and 2 large bay leaves. Cover and cook for 10 minutes on medium high. Stir, lower the heat to simmer, add in 3-4 tbs of water (or broth) and simmer for another 15 minutes till the water is absorbed and the vegetables are caramelized. Adjust the seasonings to taste and serve.In case you have any left over, (I doubt it but it may happen), it tastes even better the next day. Have it cold or scramble eggs over it for breakfast.Enjoy your pan and your new recipe

dukegrad98 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

Pay close attention to the reviews discussing this pan being warped, or becoming warped. They are correct. That condition is not always due to misuse -- my pan arrived badly warped, with the bottom convex in such that it will not sit flat on the cooktop. The bottom is bulged, almost in the center of the pan. If my current home had a gas range, it might not be a deal breaker. But with a standard electric range, only an area of the pan bottom about the size of a half-dollar contacts the element surface. As a result, it's almost impossible to heat the pan -- the aluminum dissipates the heat from that tiny contact spot, and there is an air-gap between the element and the pan across the entire remaining area. That means that only the food in the direct center of the pan is getting a decent amount of heat, and it's virtually impossible to cook anything (or even warm anything) toward the edges of the pan. Also, the pan wobbles constantly on the stove surface, which is incredibly irritating when trying to cook. My wife has deemed it "the worst pan ever." When she's right, she's right.Again, the pan ARRIVED in this condition, and it was noticed on first use -- it did not warp due to improper heat cycling or anything like that. The sole reason I have not returned the pan is that it was purchased early as a gift, and the return period closed before we used the pan and recognized how poorly it is made. Sure, it's a cheap lightweight pan, and you would expect it to be handy when you don't feel like cleaning your All-Clad or hefting around the weight of your Le Creuset. But the reality is that you get what you pay for, and this pan is absolute junk. Because I cannot return the pan, and cannot stand to use it in this current condition, I may literally beat it flat against an anvil surface and see if any of the Teflon coating survives that process... Will update my review with a photo if and when I get around to that.I highly recommend that you shop another brand.

Ron B. 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

BOUGHT 4/22/16!Pan warped= MORE THEN 1/4 INCH~ WITH STRAIGHT EDGE ACROSS BOTTOM OF pan !!!SUSOSED coating on side of PAn etc- very hard to clean, so lousy non-stick coating!Very light weight aluminum. GLASS lid is good quality, so obviously this can be used on other 12" diameter pans.AT the top rim of pan is 12", the bottom diameter at the edge is just almost 11",/ and is 2 3/4 inches deep..

brian 2018-10-20 04:45:59 UTC

I wanted a 12" saute pan, something big that could hold a nice sauce without sloshing over the sides when I stirred it, but still with a long handle so I could give it a little swirl or a flip.I was not sure what the size of this would be honestly... you cant get scale from a single photo, so I attached a few here to help. these compare the new pot to a 12" skillet and 10" saute pan. As you can see, it is significantly larger, just what I was hoping for.If Im being honest, the material feels a little thinner than some other pans. I guess there are different levels of tfal, and I knew this was not a "professional" line, but its not bothering me. The bottom is flat, Im careful to preheat the pan on low/medium and work its way up, the nonstick seems good. So no complaints there.

M. Rathjen 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

I can't believe this pan has an average review of 4.5 stars (at the time I am writing this). People must be used to exceptionally bad pans if they think this pan is anywhere near 4 or 5 stars.Right off the bat you can tell this is a cheap pan because it uses very thin metal. It is the thinnest pan I've ever owned. This pan material is on par with the cheapest no-name junk they sell in the grocery store aisle for emergencies.Of course, a thin pan would work, and combined with a low price, that should be acceptable, right? But no, the biggest problem is that the bottom isn't flat. It's malformed into a convex shape (bowed downward), so that only the middle of the pan contacts the stove. On a flat surface such as the glass top stove I have, the entire pan spins and rocks around on the bowed "tip".Aside from the fact that it's irritating that the pans spins around on this low point, there are additional problems as well. The resulting lack of contact makes for very poor heat transfer. I have to have the stove on "high" to get about the equivalent to "medium" for pans with a flat bottom. And naturally this results in yet another problem, hot and cold areas on the pan. This is okay for some types of food, but for food that you can't move around a lot, like pancakes or omelettes, I have overcooked and undercooked areas.Yes this pan might physically fit better on a gas stove with the right kind of supports (or an electric stove with coils and a depressed center), but another problem is that the low point in the middle causes all the oil to pool in the center only. If you want to do a very thin layer of oil, this is impossible because the outer areas will have no oil and the center will have all of it.I think T-fal had a good brand name in my mind in the past, but by putting out this product I feel they've gone down a notch.

Bonnie B 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

If you call normal use "overheating" than don't buy this pan. It will warp in the middle like ours did.

C. Baker 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

I purchased two saute pans at the same time. One is pretty good and I use it frequently. The only concerning thing with this pan is that both handles wiggle like they're not completely secured.The other one warped immediately, over low heat. The warp was so pronounced, not only could you see it from across the kitchen, you could actually watch the pan bow as soon as it began to heat up. As the pan got warmer, the warp became so bad the pan was spinning across the stovetop & the bottom edge was raised up approximately half an inch off the stovetop.I ended up throwing the warped pan away because it would cost $10 to send it back via UPS & I only paid $23 for it. Lesson learned though. I'm going to replace this defective saute pan with a better quality pan . You really do get what you pay for I guess.

Kim Johnson 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

I purchased this pain about 3 months ago. It is the primary cookware that I use, and I use it about 3-4 times a week. Sometimes every more frequently. I have only had this for a few months though so far I am really satisfied. The lid has not come apart, which I find happens often with these plastic handles attached to these pots.I've seen others complain about the bottom warping, which has not happened. So far, I have no complaints and really love this. It was the first pan I bought when I moved into my new apartment and it was a great investment.

Zachariah Smith 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

There is a reason that this is the best selling nonstick pan from amazon. I've used the pan everyday since I got it with no complaints or loss of function. It works perfectly, It heats evenly, the blood stains come out of it with ease, and you can stick it in the oven with the lid on at 350. It is lighter than other T-Fal non-stick pans I've used before, which might make it seem like its going to be less sturdy but it doesn't feel less sturdy when you use it. The lighter frame makes it so much easier to carry the pan with one hand while transferring eggs onto a plate, when using two pans at once to Saute a delicious asparagus tips or even while swinging them around violently in an attempt to defend your family from an onslaught of vicious ravenous squirrels, embattled by their desire to consume all of the asparagus and eggs you have cooked so perfectly. It is described as jumbo meaning it fits a lot and hardly ever spills over. That means that you can bring several cups of water, a small amount of salt and red wine vinegar to rolling boil and poach several eggs at once, without fail making it perfect for eggs benedict. This is the same pan you drunkenly used at 2 am the night before to sautee your leftover bacon mac n cheese with spinach and added milk like an idiot. And even though you could barely stand up and you may or may not have puked inside your roomate's shoe, you still didn't spill it on the oven. Way to go JUMBO SIZE. So while T-fal might sound like the brand name an ambitious fashion designer named tony would use for his exclusive autumn collection, the T-fal Specialty Nonstick Dishwasher Safe Oven Safe Jumbo Cooker Saute Pan with Glass Lid, 5-Quart, Black is anything but. Buy it.

Yet Another Amazon Customer 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

I absolutely LOVE this skillet. So much that my daughter hates it because she bought me a nice green frying pan for Christmas last year which is almost never used anymore except for omelets.This was supposed to be a gift for someone, but arrived damaged the first time (just a slight ding but too damaged to consider it a nice gift) and by the time I received the replacement it was too late and I had gotten something locally as the gift. I can't say I'm disappointed though. I use this at least four or five times a week and cook nearly every meal in it. I've forbidden anyone else from touching it because every time I've purchased a non-stick pan/skillet, someone scratches it.I'm hoping that the name brand will be more durable and will last a bit longer than any other I've purchased in the past. I'll update this review if I'm disappointed with the durability. If you don't see an update here, I'm still happy with the accidental acquisition of this skillet.

vid 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

I bought this the second time and still haven't used it. I've had the previous pan(also bought from Amazon) for almost 5 years now and use it almost every day. I use it for vegetarian Indian recipes. I use oil and sauté vegetables most of the time, sometimes prepare gravies too. I haven't steam cooked rice in this cooker. It is easy to clean, sturdy construction, no rusting or warping so far, heats evenly and I just got the second one because I needed an extra pan for cooking. I handwash it on most days even though it says dishwasher safe. I have used it a few times in the dishwasher when I have enough space for it on the top rack. I always use a wooden spatula. i keep the heat anywhere between medium to medium high. I've used it on gas range, electric coil range and smooth top/ hot plate range.

Jeffrey B 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

OK but not a quality pan in my opinion. While a low price for this size pan with a glass lid the serious flaw in this pan to me is that the 'center' seems to be raised - you can't see it, it looks flat - but when you heat cooking oil in it the oil all runs off to the outer edges of the pan & 'pools' there leaving the center of the pan for your food totally bare.Pros:- Good size & fairly deep- Comfortable curved handle- 'Helper' handle on the other side- Glass lid to see your food cooking- Small round 'Vent' in lid to let steam escape- Decent non-stick Teflon coating- Good even heating across the entire pan surfaceCons:- Light weight & not a "quality pan feel" to me- Slightly raised center of pan (see above description) Deal killer for me.I wouldn't recommend this pan if your shopping for a "quality" pan - BUT - if price is an issue & your ok with the slightly 'raised' center of the pan issue i'd give it 4 Stars.

J Gillman 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

Great pan. Although likemany before it, it started out so slippery that I couldn't get a fried egg out of it (because the egg was sliding around too much to get a spatula under), but it's now not quite so slippery. But I usually cook with a bit of olive oil for flavor/crisp anyway. It's a nice big pan with a well-fitting lid. The second handle is nice not only for moving the pan around more confidently, but I can also hang the pan over the sink with the handles on the sides for ease of cleanup... let it cool, then clean it up with a bit of water and soap.This pan is much bigger than my electric burners, so much so that it seems to not cook as well along the edges as in the middle, but I think that's the physics of the whole thing.I never wash the pan itself in the dishwasher, but when I wash the lid in there, it's big enough that I have to place it on the very edge of the bottom rack so it doesn't interfere with the spinning arm above it. But I rarely feel the need to put it in the dishwasher anyway.

Kenneth Hill 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

Holy moly! This may, quite possibly, be the worst thing I've ever purchased through Amazon. After ignoring the thousand negative reviews for this pan, I decided to purchase this pan made by T-Fal because I assumed they made a quality product. I couldn't have been more wrong. After removing this heavy pan from the box, I put the non fitting lid on top, much to my chagrin, and placed it cold on the stove. I noticed immediately that it didn't sit straight and that the bottom was "bubbled" up. I added some water which confirmed what I saw; it all left the middle and went towards the edges of the pan. This was a waste of time and money. Do not buy this junk! I should've listened to the reviews before I bought this paperweight.

Robert Krieter 2018-10-20 04:46:00 UTC

The pan is very nice and the non-stick surface is excellent for the first 7 months. Unfortunately, on month 7 there are a couple of places the non-stick coating is starting to peel off. I only use plastic utensils. Other older pans from other companies also sometimes get scratches, but this pan has actual missing areas of coating instead of just scratches. That could have still been a 3 or 4 star review, but I am giving two in this case because in those areas is it peeling I can scratch more coating off easily with my fingernail. The coating should be bonded better than that.