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Soylent Meal Replacement Drink, Original, 14 oz Bottles, 12 Pack (Packaging May Vary)

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About the product FOOD REFORMATTED. Soylent is a ready-to-drink, nutritional, complete meal replacement shake in a bottle. COMPLETE, CONVENIENT NUTRITION. Each 400 calorie nutrition drink contains 20% of your daily vitamins and minerals. SUBTLE & SWEET. Soylent Original is great on its own, or as an addition to your smoothies and protein drinks. 20g OF PROTEIN PER BOTTLE. A perfect breakfast replacement, a convenient lunch on hectic days or an after-workout nutritional shake. PLANT BASED, VEGAN FRIENDLY. Non-dairy, gluten-free ingredients include isolated protein from soy, slow-burning carbs from beets, and all essential vitamins and minerals. Soylent contains no animal products.


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Total Reviews (9)

Harley 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

These drinks saved my life while I was on chemo and all I could tolerate was liquids. This helped me not need to get a feeding tube. It tastes great too!

ljg98 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

I decided to try Soylent after hearing about it on my favorite podcast (Stuff You Should Know), and I am so glad I did! I am a busy young professional who is moderately health obsessed. I do normally indulge in a weekly cheat meal, but I found myself eating out WAY too often (several times a week) when I started a very competitive and time consuming job. Once I didn't have the time to meticulously prepare everything I ate, I began gaining weight and losing energy.I put off trying Soylent because I am a picky eater and wasn't willing to drop $40 on something I may not be able to take two sips of, but I decided to take the risk. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID! I am now drinking half a bottle of Soylent every morning for breakfast and the other half around 3pm, and it has completely changed my diet for the better. I am no longer starving throughout the day and binging on takeout when I finally get the chance to eat. I am losing weight, saving money, and finally getting back to my regular workouts. I wouldn't drink it for every meal, but being able to satisfy my hunger throughout the day with Soylent, a nutrition bar, and fresh fruits and veggies allows me to take the time to cook a simple healthy meal for dinner when I get home, and gives me easy energy for a quick workout in the morning.The taste is pretty bland. Not as delicious as ice cream, but you don't have to force yourself to drink it like a protein shake. I actually enjoy it and find myself looking forward to drinking it every morning.THANK YOU, SOYLENT!Stop thinking about it, and just try it. You won't regret it.

Joy M. 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

I've been drinking Soylent in Original for few years now, and decided to try Cacao. It was about $25 with Alexa promo, so I ordered few boxes. At about $2 per drink = $2 per meal, the price was great.Taste:- it's freaking delicious.- no strong chocolate smell/taste, which is a huge plus for me. It's sweet enough to be delicious, but not so artificially sweet that you're wondering if you're feeding yourself some radioactive chemicals. I hate other meal replacement drinks or protein shakes that are cacao flavored-- it's just too sweet. This guy, however, is more subtle. It's closer to adding few drops of chocolate flavor to your original soylent, than a chocolate milk.Filling:- for some reason, I find original soylent more filling. Maybe it's because cacao flavor is so delicious that I'm chugging it down faster? I don't know, but I get hungry faster after drinking the cacao flavor than drinking original flavor.I love this cacao flavor, but I won't be using it as my only soylent. I keep a box of original and cacao in my office to grab whatever i feel like drinking that day.Please upvote if you found my review helpful! It helps me understand what other customers are looking for in reviews, and consequently write more informative ones.

Nicole 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

Update: New bottle shape doesn't fit in my double-wall aluminum can coozie or my car cupholders anymore. I only like to drink it cold, and it gets warm really fast in Florida.Soylent Cacao taste: Finally nailed this down. It's like a cross between cold Swiss Miss and a chocolate pudding cup that needs to be mixed together because the milk is separating out. I wasn't a huge fan when I tasted it directly from the bottle the first time; it may have had something to do with the texture on my lips and front teeth. Now I use a straw and the texture is never an issue, and I actually look forward to when I drink one because the Cacao flavor is like a dessert. Make sure you shake the bottle really well.Use: I like this for breakfast if I have to go somewhere and be out for a while -- like an early doctor's appointment. I either drink it as I'm getting ready or in the car so I won't be tempted to get fast food. During the rest of the day, I use Soylent for a light meal, but sometimes I like to eat a piece of fruit with it to make it more substantial. I get the most use out of this product during late nights of gaming. Instead of making freezer crap, I will have a Soylent. Another reviewer mentioned that whenever they're craving something and can't stop, Soylent always solves the problem. I find this to be true for me, too.Personal motivation for buying: I love fried food and all of the stuff that is horrible for you, but I figured if I had something convenient with a pleasant taste, I would reach for it instead of fast food. I realize cutting down on fatty foods and fast food prepared items will help me become healthier, but when you're hungry and pressed for time it's easy to fall back into old habits. Soylent is my last ditch effort to keep me from going out for food every day, and away from frozen pizza products late at night when I don't want to make tons of noise in the kitchen. So far, it's working.

R. G. B. 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

Based on youtube research did a 4 week challenge of drinking this stuff (along with one can of solid white tuna or a can of sardines a day) and about a gallon of water a day plus rainbow vitamin a day and dropped 28 pounds in 4 weeks (from 278 to 250). The cacao is more expensive and the original drink tastes like everyone says, like the milk left over from a bowl of cheerios (so added a squirt of chocolate syrup and it tasted very good). Drank 3 replacement drinks per day and on several occasions from boredom mostly, drank 4 bottles on those days. My family was impressed with this and one of my sisters tried it but she only lasted 5 days and lost I think 6 pounds - the point being using it to lose weight isn't for everyone. To maintain my weight loss my rule of thumb is if I don't know the calorie count I don't eat or drink it. I don't drink alcohol or do any caffeine and usually dont sugar/sugar free drinks of any kind (other than these drinks) and take in no more that 2100 calories per day and that seems to be working as I'm in maintenance mode right now. 2 drinks one for breakfast (5am) and one for early lunch(10am) then a huge mixed salad with tomato and onion (no dressing) around 2pm and a can of tuna or sardines (around 6pm) and if I'm still hungry a meal replacement drink around 8pm - been eating this way for an additional 4 weeks now and weight loss is moreslow I'm down to 235 pounds. Never ate out or did fast food and have been drinking just mostly water the past 3+ years so I learned my weight gain trigger was fried chicken and that I snack way too much (ex: unsalted peanut /cashews). At 6ft4 carried the max weight well but felt bad once I listened to my body and my clothes were all really really tight. Always felt good at 230lbs so will probably add more food/calories in the next week or so. My blood pressure is now steady at an amazing 110/70 (was170s/85). My clothes hanging off of me is a gift (motivation)and a curse(flabby!) and soI'm back to working out 4 days a week to "tighten and firm" things up with new found energy. Highly recommend these meal replacement drinks. My sister used my meal replacement drinks but felt they were too expensive for her to purchase so she also used "premier 50 grams of protein drinks" from Walmart which I recently started doing, they have like 5 different flavors. Sorry for the ramble and no, Soylent isn't paying me, just happy where I'm at and wanted to share my weight loss experience with you. As with any weight loss program check with your Doctor first!

Aurora 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

First time trying Soylent. I researched a bunch of reviews before purchasing this flavor. Most people said that the actual bottles are better than the powdered product, since it doesn't have that gritty taste.I recommend putting these in the fridge, it just tastes much better cold. This item by itself tastes just like chocolate milk, but a bit thicker and blander. I personally don't like bland things so much so I added some Liquid Stevia sweetener to make it taste sweeter. Over all an amazing product. Didn't give me any sort of digestive issues. I did not completely swap into having Soylent for 100% of my meals. I would use it to replace 1 meal a day just to ease yourself into it. I've also heard that blending it with a banana (chocolate banana smoothie :) ), can help spice up the taste. However I haven't tried it myself.One bottle will keep you full for around 4 hours.

Zerdath 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

Been following the company since the Kickstarter, all of the versions prior to this did not meet my needs for convenience/taste. Like many others that have commented, I wasn't interested in weight loss, just the convenience of having a balanced meal ready to go at any time. (besides chilling) I regularly ate terribly, so having something balanced is a big plus for me. Been using it about a month now, so far it's great.4/5 stars because there's always room for improvement.Things to note:1. Tastes MUCH better chilled. I'd strongly recommend it. If you can't keep it in a fridge, a thorough shake of the bottle and putting it in a glass with ice cubes does the trick. You'll probably want to stir it as you drink to properly chill it and make the taste not get watered down.2. Shake the crap out of it, it can settle.3. It says right on the package, it is NOT intended to replace EVERY meal. It's only 400 calories, you'd be drinking 5 a day to meet the daily average caloric load. Definitely not recommended.4. I only need one per meal I'm replacing. It does take 15 mins or so for the full feeling to hit. I recommend eating a small snack with drinking one of these and waiting to see how you feel before drinking another. (I drank 2 once and 20 mins later I felt so full I thought I was going to puke.)Lastly, it looks like Amazon is lumping the reviews for all the flavors into one. So to be clear, this review is for the Cacao flavor (chocolate).

Ailis 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

I had been looking for "protein shakes" and meal replacement alternatives to help me get on a better track of eating right and hopefully lose weight. I was really hesitant to try Soylent because I had a fear that it would taste as gross as the other protein shakes I had tried (and I've tried several). I "bit the bullet" so to speak and purchased a 12 pack of the Soylent 2.0 Original flavoring and decided to give it a try. I honestly didn't know what to expect. I had read where people said it tasted like a cross between oatmeal and graham crackers.When I received my first shipment, I took a bottle (room temp) with me when I left the house one morning. When I opened the bottle and sniffed the liquid inside, it had a smell that smelled like vitamins - you know, when you open a bottle of vitamins, that smell. My first initial thought was, "Oh no, I'm not going to like it." I took a sip and was surprised. I learned however, that it is best when it's served cold because it's kinda like drinking a melted milkshake in a way.I have since found a way to make it better (for me) and taste like a Wendy's Frosty (without all the guilt). I add a packet of HealthWise Hot Cocoa Mix to a stick blender cup, add the Soylent and blend together. Stick it in the freezer for about 25 minutes and it's got a Wendy's Frosty texture to it.1 bottle of Soylent makes me feel fuller longer and helps with hunger pangs.So far I'm only drinking one bottle a day, in the morning and eating (better) regular meals for lunch and dinner. Drinking 1 bottle in the morning, logging meals with MyFitnessPal and eating better has helped me lose weight. I'd like to eventually move to 50% diet of soylent drink.

k3NnYg 2018-09-10 20:55:21 UTC

First off thanks to Amazon for now giving me free same day!Ive been on Soylent for a year and a half! I simply cant thank Soylent enough. Two words. Life changing. Im a busy IT professional and I have always hated vegetables to boot. This resulted in eating like utter $&@! my entire life. If the recipe was more than push 3 on the microwave i didnt eat it. Low energy. Lots of cakes and sweets. Poor nutrition. I was honestly on a path to disease and death. Got sick yearly. Soylent is an actual meal REPLACEMENT. Not suppliment. Ensure etc are supliments. 400 calories and one fith of ur daily nutrition in each one. I was never fat really because ive always had a fast metabolism but i was chubby for sure. Got sick a lot. Low energy. I mean at times so low I felt as tho it was an effort to breathe. Always hungry too but no appetite because i ate $&@!. Truly poor quality of life. I knew it was because of my diet. I always ate terribly even as a kid. Im 48 now. But I neither had the time nor taste to eat better.Along comes Soylent a year and a half ago(as far as when i started...its been around slightly longer) I almost exclusively drink Soylent and have for over a year! I eat maybe a couple times a week. Sometimes two or three weeks. Not because I force myslef to btw. I prefer to drink a Soylent over eating! I eat more for social reasons than anything. Sometimes I go weeks without eating. I PREFER Soylent. When I do eat it's because of a craving and usually its a top notch restaurant with my girl or friends. On rare occasions its because i just want something warm and solid and evem then i go all out. Thats so rare though. The little I do eat it really doesnt matter how bad for me the food I choose is either. So i go for it when i do eat. Imagination run wild and for pure sensation without guilt:) Wether its sugary fatty whatever. It doeant make a difference because the rest of the time im taking in what i need to without the bad stuff i shouldnt be.Benefits.....higher energy level. I dont need to drink anything with caffeine anymore. Not coffee or soda or anything caffeinated. Body fat of 16% and a flat stomach. NEVER had a flat stomach my whole life! NEVER hungry. The HUGE amount of time I save. If you add up how much time u spend buying food..... Thinking about what to buy. Putting it away. Thinking about what to cook or where to eat. Cooking it. Eating it. Cleaning up. Driving to restaurants. Driving to buy it. Checkput Lines. Filling carts. Deciding on restaurants. Total time you save a year according to my own personal calculations is 40 days a year or 960 hours! Thats a really conservative eatimate imo. Thats about 2.63 hours a day! What could you do with an extra 960 hours? 40 days, more than a month or almost 6 weeks? A great deal im sure.The taste is neutral or tastless(I jave not tried the flavors other than coffee and that was good but i just dont need flavoring) Its bland yes. When u drink it seconds later u could forget u just had something in ur mouth. Why is this a good thing? Well imagine your favorite flavor. Now imagine eating it everyday multiple times a day. It being neutral you never get sick of it. And i dont. When i need calories i crave Soylent now. My brain has re-associated and adapted that mechanism of survival to crave Soylent to obtain my nutrition and calories when they are needed.I should mention that my bathroom habits haven't changed;) I always get asked that when i tell people I basically dont eat or only eat a cpl times a week. Dont ask me how a liquid goes in and a solid comes out because i cant quite figure that out either. I assume it has to do with fiber but i really dont know. Calorie for calorie its cheaper and contains better nutrition. Food for me is recreational now. Think about ur life. When u eat how often is it something thats amazing and exactly what u want. More often than not its whatever is convenient and that doesn't usually go along with great for u. Its somethimg u just have to do. Mostly. Well i ONLY eat when its amazing and the rest of the time i'm getting perfect nutrition and not wasting time doing something mundane for lack of a better word:) People always say to me.....eating is something thats such a pleasure tho...dont u miss it? Yeah it absolutely can be. But honestly when ur at Mcdonalds is that a true pleasure or experience in taste? No. Not for me. My blood work reflects my sentiments btw and went from extremely high triglycerides and cholesterol to everything being perfectly in line! I used to suffer from occasionally bouts of depression. Nothing serious. Never needed meds or anything. More from always being exhausted and fighting just to do my daily grind. That hasnt happened since i switched to Soylent! Not once. Not once! Coincidence? Maybe. But nutrition is very much connected to low energy and depression.Soylent..... from the heart, I cannot thank u enough. You not only changed my life, you gave me one. After a year and a half I cannot say enough, thank you enough, nor recommend you enough.Loyal customer for life........Note: Drink water! It takes more water to digest it then it contains so you still should drink water! May also wanna take a cpl fiber pills occasionally. The water is a must tho. Thats probably why i read one review saying his energy level dropped. Dehydration.