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Panasonic EW-DJ10-A Portable Dental Water Flosser/Oral Irrigator, AA Battery Operated with Collapsible Design for Travel, 100% Waterproof for Quick, Easy Cleaning

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Trekker Dave 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

By any measure, this is a superior product. I recommend it to anyone and everyone.First of all, I have found that ANY decent model of oral irrigator / aqua flosser successfully removes more bits of food / debris from between my teeth than simply brushing and flossing alone. Try this yourself by brushing and flossing, and THEN using your oral irrigator/aqua flosser, particularly after a meal which leaves a lot of debris stuck to your teeth and along your gum line, and when you spit into the sink, you will see what I mean. I have only my personal experience to back up this hypothesis, but I strongly believe that persons who use an oral irrigator / aqua flosser regularly after eating will have healthier teeth and gums in the long run than persons who do not use one. I plan on living as long as the rest of my body will allow, so dental care has become a very high priority in my life. Take care of your teeth (and body) now and they will take care of you!The best thing about using an oral irrigator, perhaps, is that it takes very little additional time out of your day – 30 seconds per session is sufficient in my experience.I use my oral irrigator after each time I eat (after every meal and snack), allowing me to clean between my teeth, eliminate the buildup of would-be cavity-causing foodstuffs wedged between my teeth and along the gum line, and also avoid excessive brushing (I still brush 2-3x per day).Combine this oral irrigator with a Sonicare or similar high quality electric toothbrush and Oral B Glide dental tape (wider and more shred-resistant than standard/cheap dental floss – it will remove more debris and is less likely to make your gums bleed), and, depending on your diet, your dentist / hygienist will tell you that you are doing a PERFECT job of taking care of your teeth. I just went in for a dental cleaning – it had been a full calendar year since my last one – and my hygienist reported, highly impressed, that I had very little plaque or tartar and was doing an excellent job at caring for my teeth and gums.NOW THEN, WHY IS THIS PANASONIC MODEL SUPERIOR TO ITS COMPETITORS?I see THREE REASONS, right off the bat:FIRST: it is powered by REMOVABLE AA cell batteries. This means that the life of this oral irrigator is not limited to the lifespan of an internal rechargeable battery. Most models of oral irrigators I have seen rely on internal batteries, which are often Ni-MH or Ni-Cad, which will degrade over time. (In fact, before I bought this Panasonic model, I purchased a Waterpik brand oral irrigator from Target, about 2 years ago. I have been very pleased with this model, but by now the battery life is beginning to diminish noticeably. It still does a great job of cleaning between my teeth and along the gum line, but it is on the decline, and it also takes up twice as much space in my little medicine cabinet as compared with the Panasonic model.)That being said, I recommend using RECHARGEABLE AA cell batteries, for the savings in $$, time, electricity/energy, and waste, as compared with disposable alkaline AA cells.AND, if you are traveling internationally and don’t have access to electrical power, you can swap out batteries or find disposable alkaline AA cells in many countries.P.S. the tool-free battery compartment with O-ring stays tightly shut & waterproof, but is easy to open with a coin or washer or similar item.SECOND: this unit collapses to take up minimal space when not in use. I find this just as useful when traveling as when I am at home, because it is extremely space-efficient.THIRD: Because of the way the water intake straw is designed (it is spring-loaded and reaches to the very bottom of the water compartment), this model of oral irrigator provides a steady stream of water until the tank is essentially completely empty. Some other models of oral irrigator, such as my original Waterpik one, do not do so well in this regard.My only critique thus far is that there is no carrying case included, but for this price point (I paid $27 on Amazon for my Panasonic model in May 2016 and then as a Christmas present for a family member, I bought a second one and paid $30 on Newegg in December 2016 – both quite a bit cheaper than the Waterpik model I purchased a couple of years prior), this is a fantastic model of oral irrigator / aqua flosser, and, hey, Ziploc bags are ubiquitous, cheap, and come in a wide range of sizes. I recommend carrying it in a Ziploc bag if you are traveling between uses, to keep remaining drips of water from spilling into your suitcase / backpack.And I do like the 2 water pressure settings (low and high pressure), which my original Waterpik model also has.BATTERY LIFE: I am highly impressed: the first one month of use, “aqua flossing” after each meal and snack, I was able to get an ENTIRE MONTH out of my Panasonic oral irrigator before recharging the batteries. This is WAY BEYOND the capacity of my Waterpik model, which (as stated in the user’s manual) should be charged twice weekly if using it 2 or more times per day.So there you have it, folks! I rarely write product reviews but have been so mightily impressed by the design and features and capabilities of this Panasonic oral irrigator that I couldn’t help but share my experience with the world. Hopefully it at least inspires you to buy / ask for and begin using an aquaflosser regularly. You won’t regret it, and your teeth and gums will feel noticeably cleaner after each post-meal use.Best Regards,David S., Montana, U.S.A.

Tallahassee Lassie 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

This works well, but has a major design flaw. It’s nearly impossible to separate the blue water reservoir from the white power/controls section to clean it. Both pieces develop mildew, which is impossible to prevent (I even add some Listerine (alcohol) with each use). It takes a lot of strength (more than I have) to get them apart to clean out the “yuck”. I drain it and prop it up on an angle to remove as much water as possible. Going to buy another brand that can be cleaned more easily.

the_irish 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

I've used this type of products for 20+ years. I've now had three battery-powered or rechargeable items. This is the best one I've used. It's strong and very compact. It's great for travel, which the others I've had are not. Great, great product.

Duke 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

Perfect for the obsessive-compulsive oral hygienic traveler that has an irresistible urge to remove nasty plaque causing bacteria while vacationing with family or on a business trip. Cordless, light weight and small (It’s collapsible)...Wouldn’t recommend it as one’s only oral irrigator though. Only two speed/power settings and it *drains batteries rather quickly.Stick with the lower setting unless you wouldn’t mind filling up the 5oz tank every 20 seconds.*When using it on the lower setting and one tank full per use the AA batteries (2) lasted only two weeks.

Honey West 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

Wimpy water stream, even on the "strong" setting. Small water compartment means either you rush and skimp on cleaning or you need to refill while using it. I don't mind refilling but ffs, there is NO way this flaccid water driblet is cleaning between teeth unless you are gap-toothed. At best it's a gum massager.I've had sensitive gums since I was a kid and the dentists have advised me ever since to use baby toothbrushes. My gums can bleed when I brush my teeth and always when I floss. I use those plastic feather piks usually and looks like I will continue to use them because this flosser is completely ineffective. It is in no way powerful enough to cause gums to bleed if that's what you are worried about.I'll find another use for this toy.

Kindle Customer 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

I love this panasonic portable dental water flosser or pik. It's great has two speeds and it is battery operated by 2 AA. It compact to fit in your carry on and does not take up space. Nor do you have to worry about adapters if traveling overseas. Just bring extra AA batteries. I saw that Panasonic was offering a newer version of this one but at double the price and its a plug-in rechargeable battery. For the price of the newer one I bought two of the EW-DJ10-A before they discontinue it for the new and improved one. Also what great about this just purchase extra nozzles for other member of your family to use. Just put little dots of different color nail polish so you know which one is yours. Even my dentist is interested in this product because it is not bulky like other piks on the market. So if you have limited space in the bathroom or you travel a lot or both. I highly recommend this product. Also because it does not need an outlet no worries because there is no long cords. User friendly for children.

BoomerGal50 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

I've had three different water flossing type products, and this is as good as the corded ones! I love not having to recharge it. I bought this a month ago and have used it twice a day since then, haven't had to change battery yet. You must remember to insert it mouth, turn on and keep your mouth closed! Turn it off before removing it from your mouth. Not sure why some folks can't figure that out? The only issue I have had is sometimes I accidentally push it together so it is shorter, but that is obviously "operator error."NOTE: has been working well but started leaking at base.

J 2018-09-10 18:58:22 UTC

I had been somewhat tempted to purchase a model from one of the other less-well-known manufacturers, due to their slightly higher ratings, but am glad I went with tried and true Panasonic, a brand I've been purchasing for decades with much success.My experience mirrors others in that it takes two fills to do a thorough floss up and down, inside and out, but the fill mechanism is so convenient that it's not an issue.The device is easy to handle and fits comfortably in my average-sized adult male hand.Battery life seems reasonable. The initial set of cheapo alkalines (I don't recall for sure, but I think they were included, because they're not a brand I would have purchased) lasted a few weeks of twice-daily use, which I think is reasonable. I expect the current batteries to perform even better.The only improvement I would make, if it were possible, would be to have the device allocate battery power in an "all or nothing" fashion, so the device is either providing the full level of appropriate power for each setting, or not at all. As it is, as the batteries start to die, the device starts to operate at less than full power, so the battery depletion may not be noticeable at first, thus you may complete a few flosses that are less than optimally thorough, and not be prompted to change the batteries until the downshift in power becomes really obvious. I guess a battery power indicator would be another alternative.But that aside, very happy with my purchase. No sense of its long-term durability yet, but happy enough that even if it lasted only a year, I'd replace it with the same - at least over the others currently on the market.