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2 months ago

Keurig Brewed 3-tier K-Cup Storage Drawer - 36 Capacity

$29.99 $7.68

Holds up to 36 k-cups Three-tiered sliding drawer construction Classy black satin finish Space saving design Dimensions - 8-1/2-inch length by 7-inch width by 8-1/2-inch height Holds 36 K-Cup Packs Three-tiered sliding drawer construction Classy black satin finish Space saving design Dimension: 7-inch width by 8.5-inch depth by 7.75-inch height


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SDO 2018-09-11 19:23:22 UTC

The product shown on Amazon is not the product I received. The product advertised (and previously shipped as can be seen in prior customer reviews) looks like it has mesh on the bottom of each drawer and at the front of each drawer as well as on the bigger part of the unit. The item I received has a solid panel in the front with knobs and no bottom to each drawer. Each "drawer" is made up of just metal rods so that each K-cup will be held up by the fact that the K-cup top has a lip that is bigger than the bottom. Does this work? Yeah, I guess, it does seem like it will hold K-cups. Functionally, it will do the same thing and will hold the same number of cups. But I'm definitely not happy with the bait and switch. This was not the design I was expecting and after looking at various units before making a purchase it was annoying to get something quite aesthetically different.

Tam E Li 2018-09-11 19:23:22 UTC

I bought this to put next to the Keurig my boyfriend installed in my home. My mother, who can't see as she used to, is easily able to extract the k-cups and it's easy for me to reload it. I refill it every three weeks. It also allows me to realize when I need to buy more k-cups without my mom ever running out of coffee. I have nothing really to complain about this item. It is exactly as described, it's nothing spectacular, it does it's job.

Hanna Grace 2018-09-11 19:23:22 UTC

We just bought a keurig and I was more excited to buy a k-cup holder haha... saw a couple in the store, saw a bunch on amazon and read up in reviews and this seemed to be the best one. I'm honestly not sure what others were complaining about, this is a great product! Holds the k-cups perfectly, the 3 rows slides in and out smoothly, holder itself is really sturdy and has a rubbery stand so it doesn't slide around. The black metal look will sure compliment any kitchen or coffee bar decor.

Amazonian 2018-09-11 19:23:22 UTC

Materials are slightly cheap, but it's a fairly cheap product so I guess that should have been expected.These aren't really "drawers" - the kcups just kind of hang on metal rods.The item I received has barely any mesh and isn't exactly as picture.I will be keeping it because it serves it's purpose.

Jen Lafferty 2018-09-11 19:23:22 UTC

Love this product! It is not huge but it holds a lot. I like the fact that you can't see the kcups. I have one drawer for teas a hot cocoa and two drawers for coffee. I would absolutely recommend this product. I actually have had friends tell me they wished they bought this instead of the tower or basket the are currently using.

HomeschoolMom366 2018-09-11 19:23:23 UTC

I love this! I keep a few kinds of coffee (including decaf for some family members), tea and even iced tea pods on hand. Both the plastic K-cups and the biodegradable pods fit in this with no trouble. It looks nice next to my Keurig. The top is also sturdy enough for a sugar bowl or plate of cookies. Great purchase.

Zoe’s Human Slave 2018-09-11 19:23:23 UTC

Looks great. Works great. Great price. The pods sit in the drawers perfectly. The drawers slide in and out cleanly. It’s well designed and constructed. I am very happy with this purchase and recommend it to anyone who wants to organize their coffee pods.