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2 months ago

Gain Original Dryer Sheets, 120 Count

$6.99 $2.56

About the product Dryer sheets fight static in the dryer while adding the amazing Gain scent Dryer sheets also help reduce wrinkles Wash your laundry with matching scents in Gain Laundry Detergent, Liquid Fabric Softener, and Scent Booster Beads then add dryer sheets to the dryer to keep your laundry smelling amazing even after six weeks You know that thing you would never do when you're really happy, because that's too over-the-top? Sorry, but when you smell Gain Original, you're gonna do that thing


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Total Reviews (16)

Eden 2018-09-10 20:49:31 UTC

I'm in love with these Gain Fabric Softners. They smell so good and they do the job. I'm so glad I tried them out.

Kevin R. 2018-09-10 20:49:32 UTC

dryer sheets are dryer sheets - kind of a pure vanilla product

Josephine 2018-09-10 20:49:32 UTC

One of the best dryer sheets so far

Sarah 2018-09-10 20:49:32 UTC

These smell AMAZING and your clothes stay that way for a long time too.

Tina Locken 2018-09-10 20:49:32 UTC

Smells awesome and a great value

IssaFamily 2018-09-10 20:49:32 UTC

Love these. Can’t do with out them.

Shah S. 2018-09-10 20:49:33 UTC

I love it! It smells so good that all the clothes come out smelling fresh. Our laundry smells like this product.

Ian 2018-09-10 20:49:33 UTC

Just what i was looking for. Good price. Got it in 2 days.

Lifeincolor 2018-09-10 20:49:33 UTC

These are cheaper and seem to have better quality at Wal-Mart.

Phyllis Kelley-Howell 2018-09-10 20:49:33 UTC

Love Gain products because of the fresh smell and it lasts a long time. My clothes smell great, are soft and often I am committed on how clean they smell.

Mrs. P 2018-09-10 20:49:33 UTC

Uh... super fresh and original.