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Badiya Couples Multifunction Black PU Leather Waist Packs with Cell Phone Pouch

$30.0 $12.5

Coupon: BADIYA1493

Buckle closure Material: High quality synthetic leather Waist pack top size 10.9" and bottom size 7.6", the outside pocket size 3.9" x 6.1"( it can be holding iPhone 6s plus, iphone 6 etc) It is perfect belt bag (fanny bag) for everyday use, such as festivals, restaurant work, hiking, travel etc. In addition, it is not bulky at all, it could keep your phone,notes,cash & wallet secure and handy, the extra pocket for money/keys/id & transit card when you go out. *You don't worry about carrying a purse in one day! *You don't worry to forget your bag anywhere cause it's always on your waist. *You will fell in love with this waist bag! A total of 6 holes on the belt, each hole is about 1.56" apart. Waistband Length: 21.5"(right) + 14" (left), Strap will adjust to a maximum of 17.4"--21.3" In order to meet the needs of our customers, our company developed 2 new colors for this waist bag: Blue and Coffee. The 2 colors in some details also has been improved:1) The belt length longer than before; 2) Added an activity buckle on belt; 3) Snap closure of front pocket changed to magnet closure; 4) The original beige lined has been changed to brown color. Hope you will like them.


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Total Reviews (9)

Kaela 2018-09-11 20:18:25 UTC

Fit: I found this to be too big for me because I wanted to wear it up around my waist but if you are looking to wear it around your hip then it's perfect. My waist is about 34 inches and in order to make it fit there I would have to cut a new hole in the belt. The belt is long enough to wear it tighter but there are only a few holes in it so you could add some.Style: It is low profile which I like. It is a bit larger than a simple fanny pack would be but it lays flat and has three different compartments to choose from which is nice.Quality: It looks nice enough and didn't have any weird manufacturing smells. The material is fine.

WarriorYogi 2018-09-11 20:18:25 UTC

Read the description and google PU leather! One of the snaps pulled through after 2 weeks of normal use. Very nice design. But poor material.EDIT: I was initially displeased with this item because stuff started falling apart quickly, as mentioned above. Also, soon after that, the stitching holding the buckle came undone and the buckle fell of. And later, the cloth separating the sections of the pouch started tearing and wearing through and one of the zippers broke in a way I've never seen before, with the piece on the fly that the pull hangs from broke and the fly fell off. BUT with repairs and modifications along the way I used it daily for 8 months. And it's still usable, but nearing critical failure. I decided to spend up for a replacement and paid $40 for one that was genuine leather, not PU leather. In less than 2 weeks of normal use one of the cloth dividers started tearing at a seam. I sent it back and decided to order another one of these. Figuring that at the price, I can just replace it every several months. When the new one arrived I was pleased to find that there have been some improvements. The snaps that quickly disappointed me before are now magnetic closures, which will eliminate the stress on the material at those points. Also, the fabric dividers seem to be made of thicker, more durable material. I went ahead and removed the metal belt buckle and replaced it with a side-release buckle as it takes 10 times longer to deal with the metal one. I've always been quite pleased with the configuration of this pouch. Maybe some day I'll make my own leather one modeled after this one. Until then, I'll keep buying these.

vanja thompson 2018-09-11 20:18:25 UTC

Very cute and more spacious than I expected.

Flirty girl 2018-09-11 20:18:25 UTC

Really liked this waist bag. Perfect for my jaunts to fairs and festivals. Was able to hold money, credit card, lipstick, keys and more. Would have given 5 stars if I did not have to put 3 extra holes and have my seamstress cut off 7 inches from the belt. Would definitely buy in another color.

Lexi Ryan 2018-09-11 20:18:25 UTC

I want a belt bag for work that doesn't make me look like a tourist, and this fit the bill perfectly. I have to carry my cell phone and a portable handheld phone for work and everything fits nicely in this. It's not bulky at all. My iphone 7 with a case easily fits in the front pocket. I get a ton of compliments on it from customers and coworkers asking me where I got it. My first one lasted about a year and a half before the front zipper started poking through the pleather, but for the price it's TOTALLY worth it. The waist band is a good length. I have a 27in waist and there's plenty of belt left. I wish it had another loop to slide the excess belt through, so I wouldn't have to tuck it down, but that's a minor inconvenience. I would absolutely recommend this. I haven't noticed any issue with the snaps. I use this everyday and it holds up well.

Amazon Customer 2018-09-11 20:18:25 UTC

I absolutely love this fannypack! Not real leather but it's practical. I used it while working at a multi day work convention, it was incredibly handy. I received multiple compliments from co workers and event attendees alike. I was wearing professional work dresses and heels every day and this more "refined" looking fannypack looked great! Even after the convention I can't stop wearing this instead of a regular shoulder purse.

Jamila Antrice 2018-09-11 20:18:25 UTC

So... "I'm not into fanny packs at all" but I am sensitive to the fact that when traveling to other countries it is a necessity. With that being said it took me a while to find one I thought was suitable for my trip to Africa... and this is the "ONE." Love the color and the way it fits on my hip. I was a little afraid of it being over sized but it fits perfectly. I am thick in thighs so for any petite ladies it might sit on your hip a little bigger than you'd like. My fanny/hip bag is as it was described here on amazon "thanks for that," plus I'm extremely pleased with deep pockets. So thank you for creating a fashionable fanny pack for those that are not quite into rocking them. I am definitely pleased with my purchase!

Mer bear 2018-09-11 20:18:26 UTC

Absolutely love this!! I take it on vacations with me because I know I an going to be drinking, and I get forgetful sometimes while doing so. So having this attached to me at all times was the perfect solution. I have a 48 inch hip with a 37 inch waist and it worked well for me.

Lebkuchen 2018-09-11 20:18:26 UTC

First the good: Love the "fabric." Great feel and is sturdy and pliable and seems like it will last a long time. It lies flat and doesn't look like a colostomy bag like so many bulky hip bags do. The problems: Too hard to buckle - I wish it had a quick release buckle or a pointed end rather than a squared off one. Too fussy to fiddle with getting the strap through the loops. The real problems are that the zippered compartments are too hard to get into - the back one great for if you're traveling and want to keep your passport on you just in case, and want it safe. To get to it, though, you need to take the darned bag off. The front zippered pocket is very tight to get into because it's right at the belt level and there is no gusset that expands when you unzip it. The snap pouch is just shy of holding a bigger phone. Sadly, I won't be wearing it every day. Still looking for the perfect hands-free option.