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3M Safety-Walk Tub and Shower Tread, Clear, 2-Inch by 180-Inch Roll, 7641NA

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Safety Walk tub and shower tread is ideal for helping prevent slips and falls Used for sure-footed protection in the bathroom, can be used on the bottoms of bathtubs and showers The strong adhesive resists cracking and peeling yet feels comfortable under bare feet Mold and mildew resistant and easy to apply simply cut to size with scissors Available in clear color; measures 180-Inch length by 2-Inch width


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P C 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

3M really needs to check on their quality control. A good 4 feet is un-usable. First, they stuck the start of the roll onto the roll with really sticky stuff that cannot be removed, so that part of the roll is wasted. Second, towards the middle of the roll, parts of the backing was ripped on the edges so that part of the roll cannot be used since the adhesive was missing the backing and didn't stick very well. And lastly, I've found these black sticky dots towards the last 1/4 of the roll that is impossible to fully remove from the surface, so those parts of the roll cannot be used.I went with this product because it had the 3M brand on it. I've never been disappointed in their products before, but this is really bothering me.

Tracy B from Kansas 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

My old tub had a lot of pits and scratches and rust spots from years of scrubbing and age. Unfortunately, this made every type of suction-cup tub mat slide around and wrinkle up. After doing a lot of research, I found this product and ordered it. It works great. For installation, I also recommend a wallpaper seam roller of some sort and a small razor blade or box cutter. (Pictured below with the plain wooden handle is the "Warner 222 Plastic Flat Seam Roller with Double Bracket, 1-Inch Wide" for about $13 and the one with the red and black handle is the "MARSHALLTOWN The Premier Line E54D 2-Inch Flat Commercial Grade Solid Rubber Seam Roller with DuraSoft Handle" for about $21. Both of these and many others are available on Amazon as well.)For my pattern, I cut the entire roll into 18" strips. Then I cut three of the 18" strips in half. This made seven 18" strips and six 9" strips. After scouring the tub with Comet and drying it really well with a fan, I began. First, I wiped the tub with rubbing alcohol and let it dry again. Second, I cut the strips and rounded the ends. Third, I laid all of the pieces down with the backing still on until I found a pattern I liked. (see finished photo for pattern I chose). Fourth, peeling the backing off of each piece, I carefully stuck each down. Fifth, I went on an epic three-hour journey to Home Depot and Menard's in search of something that would roll the strips down. (frustrating!) Anyway, I found what I needed and finished rolling them down, starting from the center and working my way to the edges. (This is where the razor blade came in. Sometimes bubbles formed and I carefully slit them and rolled them flat) Voila! I'm done and the strips work great. My tub is much safer now.Please note:These are clear, so the scratches and small rust spots can be seen through the strips. (again, see photo) I'm okay with that, though, and am glad to just be able to shower safely.

Yammo 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

Great for tubs, showers, and really anything else that needs more grip. Used the one inch tape in my shower and in my girlfriends death tub they felt like it was oiled down at all times. Used more than a roll for the tub the way I did it, less than a roll for the shower, but the both the shower and tub were just short of two rolls. Larger gaps or use two inch tape and I’m sure one roll will suffice in a bath tub. Also bought the two inch tape just to be able to add this tape to other items. Bought a 40 oz water bottle that had decent weight when full and had a slick finish. Adding some of this tape to the outside drastically improved the bottle. Also added to many other items including gun grips, zippo, knives, and even nail clippers(highly recommended, makes life easier). Also have 3M grip tape for outdoor stairs that’s black and way more aggressive that works great as well but it’s pretty much super course sandpaper so gotta be careful what you put that on because it can really mess up something that rubs against it so that’s where this clear tape comes in handy. Adds grip to slick surfaces but not abrasive to the point where it’s damaging.

Yokari 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

I heard people recommending 3M tape to protect designer shoes that has real leather in the bottom, so I purchase this. And this turns out to be the best decision I ever made to protect my shoes! The tape is very thick, and it sticks on the shoes very well, once you attached it and get rid of some air that might get trapped in between, the tape won't move! If you happen to be like me that bought expensive shoes and want to do your best to protect your baby, give it a try with 3M tape, it is awesome!

Guest 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

I use this to protect my shoe soles.I like to buy luxury shoes but I do not want them to be scuffed and I want them last longer.Works perfect.But it is very strong. One day I went into my car and this thing scratched my car paint........

Zhiduo Lu 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

I actually bought this to use as an protective anti slip for my high heels. Each roll can cover about 9 pairs of shoes. Those anti slip pads cost me over 10 dollars per pair so this is really worth it! I bought two rolls already.

Maki 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

I used to have a shower mat that I would have to wash thoroughly often to remove the soap and conditioner residue, with this tape I only have to wash my tub!!! it's been 3 months since installed and it works great!! a friend of mine was concerned that hair could get caught in it or would start peeling from the corners, so my boyfriend cut the corners round and there is no hair getting trapped at the edges, easy to clean and hasn't come off.

Mac in NYC 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

I had a regular rubber bath mat I was using in the tub. Every day after showering, I would hang it up in an attempt to dry it out. But mold grew on it anyway, and it was impossible to clean. I started to feel as if keeping the mat clean was my second job!I started researching other options, and I came to the conclusion that 3M knew that they're doing when it comes to adhesives. I originally had the one-inch strips in my cart, but I saw the two-inch option so I switched. I'm glad I did. You get double the coverage with the same amount of effort.I have a old, standard-size tub, and one package covered nicely. A relative's tub is new and a bit larger; I had to order a second package to complete the job.Before applying, I cleaned the tub as others have recommended. I used rubbing alcohol to remove any remaining residue. Then I used a hair dryer to make sure any moisture was gone. I cut the strips and rounded them off using a spice jar as a template. They cut easily with regular scissors.Edited to add: A very important step is to BURNISH each strip after you apply it. You need to get the air bubbles out and ensure a good grip. If you happen to have a wallpaper roller, as others have said, I bet that would work. But if you don't, you can use any plastic bottle. I used a deodorant tube, or a shampoo bottle would be fine too. Just don't skip this step!It's been about six weeks so far, and the strips are sticking beautifully. We really love not having to deal with a tub mat all the time.

MinyaS 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

Bought & applied this to our tub a little over 1 year ago. While it does get the job done, excessive soap scum do build up around the edges of the tape causing the tape to mold and/or detach. You have to either scrub the tub frequently (every other day perhaps) or live with it. After a while you won't want your bare foot to touch those tapes because they just look nasty, let along sitting on them and take a bath. We used this tape in a tub that sustains 2 showers a day, in a well-ventilated bathroom and we always spray down the tub with a handheld faucet after each use. I can't imagine how much scum this tape would trap had we not install a handheld.

AlWa 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

This product is exactly what I needed, and does the job, but why on earth do they staple the tape together in the box. There is a large staple from the end of the roll down into the tape, so that every 8" or so there are two staple holes. They could have easily used a piece of tape to hold it together for packaging. Another reviewer already posted a picture, so I won't post another one, but for a product like this you'd think they would want to avoid damaging it. I was able to cut around the wholes, but if you are looking for longer strips, you may not like the holes through it.

TrueBrit 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

An excellent choice for adding non-slip to the bottom of a shower or tub. The plastic material is quite substantial with a good anti-slip texture but it is not too rough. The glue sticks tightly to the fiberglass shower bottom. The plastic is not crystal clear but translucent so it takes on a slightly darker tone than the color of the shower fiberglass, and overall it is quite unobtrusive. A roll is 15 ft long and 2" wide and so enough to put strips in two showers. I initially tried the more "fun" Fish and Shell decals that are available on "Amazon" but had to return them because the ones I was sent did not stick tightly once they got wet. This 3M product makes a substantial slip resistant surface and for the same purchase price provides a much greater surface area of material than the fish decals

Jack L. 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

Good foot traction and applies easily. Looks good once applied. The roll provides enough to lay 5 strips for almost the full length of a standard tub. I put my strips 1.5 inches apart, but I think that's too much. I'd recommend placing them 3/4" apart.

LKarri 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

Used this on my stairs. I needed something on them since I had slide and fell down the stairs twice. Did not want to try for a third lol I has worked very well. I have not slide once since. And I like the fact you don't see the strip right off. Blends well on the hard wood of mt stairs and doesn't take away from to look of the house. I know it was made for the shower or tub but hey works wonderfully for the stairs too.

olblu92 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

I applied the tread to a smooth acrylic shower pan. It has excellent adhesion to a smooth surface, and a comfortable grip in bare feet. I used a wall paper seam roller to place pressure on the tread as I laid it in place. You can get creative with this material as I show in my photo. A wallpaper knife works great for cutting and shaping.

E. D. Leach 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

I had high hopes for this tape/tread but within 2 weeks it came up. I made sure the shower tiles were clean and dry before applying the strips. A waste of money.

Alaska shopper 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

Applied these strips to my bathtub over a year ago and they are holding up beautifully. I had tossed out the bathtub mat I had in there because it as a pain to clean. These strips provide just the right amount of traction and are simple to clean.

Terri M. 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

This stuff is great. I will purchase again any time it is needed.Clean and dry the tub first as per instructions. Application is easy and one roll will do one standard size bath tub. I got 8 strips across the width of the tub out of a roll.The safety and security is unparalleled when compared to suction cup products. The feel is unobtrusive and not "gritty" at all even though the traction provided is superb. I've had it installed for one month now and zero signs of peeling. Cleans easy and doesn't seem to collect water or soap residue at all. It makes an amazing difference. Try it, you'll like it.

Dawn Mason 2018-10-20 04:47:06 UTC

This stuff works great!! I cleaned the bottom of my tub first with soft scrub, then after rinsing it thoroughly I cleaned it with alcohol and made sure that was dry. Then I cut and applied the strips and they have been the best investments ever!! I was tired of the rubber mats that ten to get all gross after awhile and then if you don't buy the right type it just slides as soon as you step on it, so I decided to try these and I love them!!! It comes in a roll and I just cut to my liking and apply.