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Oral-B Pro-Health Jr. Battery Powered Kid's Toothbrush featuring Disney's Frozen, Soft, 1 ct

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Rotating power head reaches, surrounds, and thoroughly cleans multiple tooth and mouth surfaces Extra-soft bristles clean as gently as a soft manual brush Ergonomic handle designed for children's small hands Designed for kids 3+ years of age Use with Crest Pro-Health Pro-Health Jr. Toothpaste featuring Disney's Frozen for a magical smile


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Chouser 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

We got this toothbrush to get our little one excited about brushing, but I was pretty surprised with how forceful the spin on it is. It is the same speed as an adult electric toothbrush, which is much too hard and fast for a child. In fact, it scares her, when we turn it on. She does like the characters and color of it, but we do not use the electric part at all.

Jane 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

The toothbrush itself is fine, but Amazon, can you let people choose between the different versions? My daughter asked, "where's Elsa?" and why the snowman and moose were on her toothbrush.The brush head is a bit big and snubby for a small child's mouth. I wish they could make it smaller for the preschool set.

ashley 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

Aggravated that you *CANNOT* replace the brush heads. I can't seem to find a child's toothbrush that has replacable heads. Wish the seller would have made this more clear. Seems like an awful waste IMO.

Samantha 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

Great rotating head. Cleans little ones teeth, with the surety of providing a dental cleanse. The only downside to this brush is, it doesn't have interchangeable heads. Meaning this will need replaced every three months, we'll see.

Sukisuki 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

I should have read the description more carefully... but just like it says character may varies... it was not Anna and Elsa like on the description picture. We were a bit disappointed but it was our mistake. The product is ok. Just use it for 1-2 months and you are done with it.

Sonya 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

Very cute character electric toothbrush for children. More faster and easier to use than a regular toothbrush. My grand daughter is almost 3 years old and she loves to brush her teeth with the electric toothbrush vs the regular ones. Maybe because it makes the vibration sound. I don't know but, she loves it!!

Kristen 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

I was looking for a toothbrush for my 2yr old son. The pictures shows the toothbrush with Olaf and Sven, so I thought he'd love that. Toothbrush arrived and has Anna & Elsa on it... I'm sure he won't mind, but I'm a little annoyed.

Flappyjack 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

3.5 year old loves this! She will brush twice a day with this toothbrush but not other toothbrushes. Well worth the money. She's never had a cavity.

JZ 2018-09-10 19:31:45 UTC

My daughter loves this, but this is for an older child as the brush spins pretty quickly. Not to say it would hurt a toddler who just started brushing their teeth, but they'd have to adjust to the spinbrush speed.

Janelle Marian Martinez 2018-09-10 19:31:46 UTC

Too thick & bulky for a toddlers mouth. My daughter hated it. It's hard to move it around her mouth coz it's too bulky.she was almost crying in not sure if it hurts her mouth.

Catwoman75 2018-09-10 19:31:46 UTC

Our 2 year old loves, so when her's accidentally fell into the toilet, we were frantic to find a replacement ASAP!! Works well and daughter enjoys that she can try and do it herself. We may need a stock-pile of these.

Angie Rhodes 2018-09-10 19:31:46 UTC

My 3-year-olds who used to be hesitant to brush love these! I don't normally like to spend so much on things like toothbrushes but the added expense of these has been worth it for the new enthusiasm for oral health they have inspired.