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BestOffice Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Executive Office Chair, Black

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EXCELLENT COMFORT: An easy opportunity to eliminate any back pain that you may experience due to sedentary sitting. This office chair was designed with your comfort in mind. It features a well padded backrest and seat cushion that will help relieve any back pain, leg pain, and even help improve your posture. MODERN DESIGN: Adding this office chair to your space is guaranteed to add some style to your office at home, or while at work. It was not only designed to catch your eye, but it was also designed with extreme comfort. The placement of the support cushions provide support for your back and lumbar region. This chair is made from soft PU leather upholstery and ample padding that is oil, and water resistant. This also makes the chair very easy to clean if needed. ADJUSTABLE POSITIONING: One of the main features this office chair has to offer is that you can personally adjust the chairs height of the chair to match your needs, and it also offers the 360 degree swivel position. SIZING: We designed the measurements for this chair with everyone needs in mind, so you are guaranteed this chair will not disappoint. The seat of the chair measures 20" (W) x 20" (D), and the seats height can adjust from 19"-23". The back rest of the chair measures 20"(W) x 28"(H). HIGH QUANTITY: BIFIMA certification, more reliable and sturdy, This chair does include a weight limit of 250 pounds.


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Craig 2018-10-04 19:39:17 UTC

I purchased two of these chairs in the second half of 2015 and in just one year of use, both chairs sustain heavy damage. The PU leather started separating at the stitching points and in other places like the arm rests, the PU leather started peeling off from the fabric base in the arm rests. I would not recommend this chair to anyone. One chair was occupied by a 175 pound male and the other occupied by a 115 pound female and the same result was seen on both chairs.

God is a refuge for us (Psalms 62:8) 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

I purchased the chair from a seller called valuemassage on a popular auction site. The item title is "High Back Leather Executive Office Desk Task Computer Chair w/Metal Base O10". I paid 90 bucks including shipping. The box was shipped UPS, and it arrived in good condition.The model was listed as OC-2610-Black, but the model on the box says OC-2610H. Factory Direct Wholesales is printed on the box; and their site lists the model as OC-2610. Although the seller location is GA, the box was shipped from CA...probably drop shipping.The instructions include a parts list, 6 pictures showing how to assemble the chair, and 3 pictures showing how to adjust the chair. The instructions were easy to follow. All the parts were included, along with a 5mm allen wrench, 2 extra bolts, and an extra bolt cap.INSTALLATIONThe 5 wheels snapped into the metal problem. The gas cylinder sits in the metal base, and the cylinder dust cover slides over the top of the cylinder (press the cover down around the cylinder rod until it rests on the cylinder base).The metal mechanism with the lever and seat tilt knob is secured to the bottom of the chair using 4 bolts. Make sure the front end of the base is lined up with the front end of the chair (both are labeled). Screw each bolt in halfway, and then tighten them with the included 5mm allen wrench. Then set the chair on top of the cylinder on the metal base.So far...easy. The last part could be very frustrating and time consuming, depending on how the holes in your chair line up. To make this last part EASY, do the following:For the 2 bolts that secure the chair back to the arm rest (one on each side)...BEFORE you attempt to install the 2 bolts that secure the chair back to the arm rest...With the back of the chair pushed forward, screw the bolts into the holes. Notice how easily the bolts screw into the holes. They don't require force at all. So, if you use force to screw them, then you may cross-thread the bolts, and that's bad. Just keep in mind that they DO screw in easily, when lined up correctly.Now that you have a "feel" for how easily the bolts screw in, do the following:Pop off the cap of the bolt above it with your fingernail, loosen that bolt (#1 in photo) with a 6mm allen wrench, and then screw-in the bottom bolt (#2 in photo) using the supplied 5mm allen wrench. If you do that, then it is EASY to install. Don't tighten the bolts until you do the same thing with the bolts on the other side. Once they are both threaded, then tighten all 4 bolts and push-in all 4 caps.Loosening the bolt above the bolt that you are trying to install allows you to move the back of the chair a little, and that helps A LOT when trying to line-up the bottom bolt.Also, when attempting to install the 2 bolts that secure the back of the chair to the arm rest, I found it easier to tilt the chair all the way forward, so that the top of the chair is resting on the floor. See the photo in my review, if this doesn't make sense. This allowed me to put pressure on the area where the back meets the bottom of the chair, which also helped to line-up the bolts. In this position, you can either press down on the chair with your hand, or just sit on it.ADJUSTINGThe chair can be raised or lowered by lifting the lever on the right side under the chair. The same lever can be pulled out (allows the chair to recline), or pushed in (prevents the chair from reclining). The seat tilt tension knob under the chair can be twisted to the left/clockwise (to make the chair much more difficult to recline--or not recline at all), or twisted to the right/counter-clockwise (to make the chair easier to recline).FEEL, SUPPORT, SIZEI am 5' 9" tall and weight about 160 pounds. I do not need to raise the chair. With the chair all the way down, my feet rest flat on the floor. With the chair in this position, it measures about 18 inches from the floor to the top of the seat cushion where my legs hangover. From the area where my legs hangover to where my butt sits, it slopes down; the area where my butt sits is about 1 inch lower than the area where my legs hangover.I twisted the seat tilt tension knob all the way to the left, so the chair does not recline--that's how I like it. If the seat tilt tension knob under the chair is set to a loose position, then you may notice that the chair has a slight rocking motion. However, if you twist the seat tilt tension knob under the chair to the left/clockwise until it is snug, then the rocking stops. Of course, if you do that, then the chair does not recline much, but it also doesn't rock.I use the chair at home at my computer desk. I do not roll it around; it sits on top of a chair mat to protect my carpet.I think the arm rests are positioned just right and they are comfortable (the padding is firm). The bottom seat cushion is very comfortable (not firm); it feels like there is a top/soft layer and a bottom/firm layer. The back of the chair is similar. The bottom and back are bucket seat style, which I like. The chair supports me well.I was looking for a high back chair for better support.There is a smell, which is most noticeable when I sit down in the chair (caused by the air in the cushion being pressed out). The smell is not overpowering to me, and it does not smell like gasoline. It's hard to describe what it smells like...plastics/synthetics, I guess. It's typical for new stuff to have a smell; and just like new car smell, it will disappear after a while. It does not bother me. If the smell bothers you, then just eat chilli or baked beans for a few nights and that should take care of it!All the stitching looks good; nothing is unraveling or coming part. The chair feels solid, sturdy, and well-made.I am very happy with the comfort, quality, and price.keywords: tools, tip, trick, hex key, allen key, hex wrench, last bolt, stinksUPDATE 3/10/15It's been about 2 weeks since I wrote this review. The smell is gone.

Adam J. Montgomery 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

The chair looks nice, but it broke within 6 months, and the seller/amazon refused to replace it. I did not misuse the chair in anyway, however the screw that holds the armrest to the back has popped out. Because of this, I'd highly recommend NOT buying this chair, unless you plan on never sitting in it. It should be noted that before it broke, I had rated it 4 stars, from it's initial appearance, and I'm guessing that's why it has such high reviews.Once again, DO NOT BUY.

VC 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

Out of the box, the leather has black stains on the side and the stitches look to be coming out (pictures). At first i thought it was just dirty so i did not want to go through all the trouble to send it back. Recently i bought a new leather care product and tried to clean the "stains" off. They don't come off at all. The design overall is nice but such a disappointment that a new item is not new at all

Peter 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

I've had three of these "style" chairs in the past few years (they just don't last at this price point) and I swear, even though these are sold under different company names or sellers on amazon, these must ALL be made by the same general manufacturer in china. The pieces, the parts, the materials, all eerily similar from one chair to another.. the base, the arm handles, even the little plastic tabs over all the ones I've had over the years are virtually identical.The other two I've owned were OK (not great) the only issue with both, after a very specific determined time was the faux leather material starts peeling and disintegrating and then WATCH OUT. The stuff peels and goes EVERYWHERE, all over the house, all over your clothes, whatever you sit on it wearing.. I mean the stuff literally takes over your house, it's that bad! However...this was the only gripe I had about the first two chairs I owned. No other issues-comfortable, good adjustments, overall not a bad chair.NOW, this one, let me start by saying my two star rating is VERY generous. Basically, again, almost identical to the other two except in one BIG way. The material-same, cushioning-same, plenty of padding for comfort everywhere except where it counts the most, under your rear end, where you sit! No exaggeration here, believe me when I tell you this, absolutely NO padding or cushion! The most important part of a chair, the part of it where your rear end (and most of your weight) goes has virtually no cushioning! It's like sitting on a wooden bench. Two hours sitting on this and I get lower back pain! I'm a younger guy, I've never had back pain in my life..with this I do! Terrible, absolutely terrible.Now, what can I do, I can't return this. Once assembled there is no way to take one of these apart. That suspension gas piece-the one that allows the chair to move up and down, once you insert it into the lower base with the wheels, it bonds, permanently! It would take the jaws of life to get those two pieces apart. So there is absolutely no way to return this. I have to live with it. I put a pillow to cushion the part where I sit and after two weeks, that pillow is completely flattened because of how hard the base is where you sit.I don't write many negative reviews, I've maybe written one or two on hundreds of reviews, but this thing deserves a BIG thumbs down! Very disappointed, sorry.Do not buy!

Rooster 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

There is very little cushion where your bottom sits. If you try to move to where there is cushioning you either have your thighs off the chair or sit on a big seam that penetrates your ass bone. I can see all the cushioning I need 5mm from either side of my ass which means it's not under my ass so I'm just sitting on wood covered by a thin layer of cushioning.When I shake my leg which I love doing, the chair can make this weird rattling noise that makes it sound like I'm ferociously pleasuring myself. When I lean back something makes a snapping noise. Constantly shifting in this chair.Beats my old ass wooden chair tho. Doesn't absorb farts.Arm rests are nice.

Jorge Silva 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

Absolutely the best chair I own! I put it together easily myself and it is very sturdy and comfortable. I use it every day for 6-8 hours for work. Cover is very soft and durable and is a light creamy white. I could not ask for more!

Alex Thompson, Wall 2 Wall Reviews 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

Let me start by saying that I'm the some-assembly-required person everyone in the family goes to around the gift giving holidays. Can't put it together, give it to me.Now that I've said that, let me also say that this was a bitch to put together. Not at first, but at the end. The last bolt.People on here have said that it didn't line up for them, but mine lined up just fine. Mind, you have to keep the bolts loose on one end (the metal base attaching to the chair) so the other end lines up.Don't tighten one after another immediately, only after you've got all 4 bolts in and slightly secured, then tighten them down.I had this problem on the last bolt in the arm rest attaching to the back of the chair. It was lined up, but apparently not enough. I had to lay this on it's side and grapple with lining it up perfectly, then applied pressure and got the bolt in. I now hate Allen wrenches.Now onto the chair itself. It doesn't say anywhere on the product page that this sucker can lean back! I've always loved those kind of chairs and didn't know this one did it, until I sat down to find I could rock back and forth. YES!! That was a nice find. The chair is very comfortable for me as I am a book cover artist and am constantly at my desk. The bit of chair in the small of my back is great and the chair back is tall. It's damn near the top of my head. I'm 5'7 nearly 5'8" and my feet dangle just slightly when it's at its full height. I have a tall desk, so it's great for that!The chair is heavy, once fully assembled. And I won't lie that some reviews are right and that it does smell slightly of gasoline at first, but I got rid of that with some Febreze extra strength that I had around.Overall it's a great chair, despite being surprised at how much the shipping was, it was worth it. We'll see if I continue to say that after a few months.

Anon 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

I bought this chair in March 2016 to replace a similar cheap office chair that broke after ~3 years. I know these aren't built for longevity but I expected to get at least a couple of years out of this one too. However it broke after only 9 months of daily use. (Not to mention the fact that it started creaking and getting wobbly after ~6 months, and from day one the padding in the left armrest was about 1/4 as thick as that in the right, so I could always feel screws poking up into my left arm from the underside.)As with most cheap chairs of this sort, the armrests serve as braces between the otherwise detached seat and backrest, transmitting all of the stress when you lean back directly into whatever material the base of the seat is built from (MDF? OSB? I haven't torn it apart to check yet). Over time, this caused the anchor where the right armrest bolts into the base to shear off completely.I have given up on the constant cycle of cheap chairs like these and finally bought an Aeron like I should have done years ago. So should you.

Waldron CEMS Support 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

Do not buy not well built bought this in April the back where the two bolts that attach the back to the arm busted out of the ply-board that is used in the back it is only 1/4 inch it did not just bust it shattered and I am not a big person 175 5' 8" so not a whole lot of force on it. The way it busted was dangerous is I had not caught it it could have let me hit my head on the concrete floor. Contacted the seller and they only warranty for 30 days did not even try to work with me on it, will not buy from again.

Stan West 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

I have now owned this chair for 10 months. For the first 9 months the chair worked great. No problems at all. I loved the way it sat and was perfect for my home office. About a week ago, when I sat down in the chair the bottom felt like it was going to dump me in the floor and the chair was leaning to the left bad. I pushed on it and it felt like it had come out of place or something like that. I sat down again and this time it felt like it was leaning bad to the right. Again I got up and looked at it, adjusted the knob underneath trying to get it to work right but it still did not feel right when I sat down in it. I came back later and sat down again to work on the computer and when I pushed back with my feet and leaned back against the back rest, the chair just kept going backwards and dumped me in the floor. I almost feel on top of my little dachshund. When I checked the chair this time, I saw where the metal had broken around the piston. It looked like it has some defective metal in it. I contacted Amazon and they said the return policy was past due and gave me a number to contact the vendor. I did and they told me the chair was out of warranty. I guess it will have to go to the landfill now. I told the customer service lady that they needed to get this chair and find out why the metal broke and she was not interested. I told her she might change her mine once she received a lawsuit where someone's back had been hurt or even paralyzed due to this. I wanted to post this in case someone else gets hurt in one of these chairs. I will take photos and keep them on file should anyone need me for a witness later on.

.oOo. 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

It is a pleasure to sit & eat dinner in this chair... I put mine at my kitchen table. : } It definitely brightens up the place. I may also use it in the future as a gaming chair.This is a comfortable chair, but not so "sink deep down in it" comfortable that you'll want to fall asleep instead of get down to work. (Like this one can sometimes be... Flash Furniture High Back Black Leather Executive Swivel Chair with Arms Though I will say, the seat on this one does not need an extra cushion to soften the seat the way the other model does.The White Pleather has a matte finish & has been fairly cat-proof. My cat sits in it & she hasn't left any claw marks in the material yet. It wipes off nicely. The White finish makes the chair seem to have a smaller "foot print" in my space than the much smaller black chair it is replacing. I see some reviews complaining about a strange brown tint on the White Pleather piping that runs down the sides of the back rest - but mine did not arrive with this problem.The tilt is magnificent... It has some back support, but it sort of needs more of it when I lean back. But it isn't bad.Definitely heed the weight limits set by the manufacturer for this chair. It's definitely not for heavy people. The weight limits say 250lbs, but I would put it at 200lbs for this model. Not only will it strain to support huge people, it won't be wide enough between the arms to be comfortable either. But below 200lbs, you're buff for this chair.If you're looking for comfortable lower priced chairs that will open up your home or office space vs. clutter & crowd it the way black & brown chairs do...consider getting the White Pleather chair model.

Rrm 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

When I first purchased this chair and received it, I thought it was one of the best chairs. I noted it that it could use a little more cushioning at the front part of the seat. Well, let me tell you a little bit more. It's been said, you pay for what you get. Well, this is true. I paid only $79.00, and I only got 8 1/2 of good use out of this darn chair. This chair has started. to sink every time I sit in the seat. At first, I thought it was just a one time issue. Well, I be darn, it happens every time I sit in the chair. Obviously, this is a major defect. The cylinder should not be going out with less than a year use. I have read other reviews, which I should have done prior to buying. It seems like the manufacturer refuses to address this issue. Less learn, however, I suggest anyone thinking of buying this chair from this company, remember you get what you pay for.I highly recommend you think hard about making this type of purchase from this company.

Into the Zone 2018-10-04 19:39:18 UTC

Let me start by saying that before you buy this chair, you'll need to carefully consider what you'll be using it for. As an ordinary office chair, it is great and very comfortable to sit for short periods of time, but as a "work chair" in which you'll be sitting and working at a desk for long periods on a daily basis (like I do), it falls way short. I gotta say that I purchased this chair based on the fairly positive reviews it received but I think most people who own this item do not use it for work but rather for casual use and that is what you need to take into account.I've had the chair now for three days and it is functional but after the first few hours working at my desk, I started to experience progressive lower back pain due to the lack of lumbar support. You can probably fix this by getting one of those mesh supports, but why not just get an ergonomically correct chair to begin with? The back of the chair doesn't stay fully upright if you apply pressure by reclining. This may be correctable by making an adjustment, but unfortunately, it does not remedy the back support issue.To sum it up, this is a decent chair for the price you pay as long as you consider the caveats beforehand.PROS:1) Easy to assemble (20 minutes tops).2) Reclines comfortably.3) Adjustable seat that you can move vertically to suit.4) Swivels very smoothly.CONS:1) Almost no lumbar support.2) Very painful to sit in for long periods when working over a desk.3) Cheap material (faux leather)4) Back of the chair does not resist reclining.

Lori P 2018-10-04 19:39:19 UTC

Well I'm a fatty so at 325 lbs I didn't expect the chair to last forever but it's held up well. It's now 1 year and 4 months since I purchased it and it's finally completely broken. I leaned back and and ended on the floor. The metal at the base of the chair separated. I've got it temporarily upright and functional again but I'm hoping it'll last the week it's going to take for it's replacement to get here.I've abused this chair for 12 hours a day for the last 15 months. I'm one of those people who tucks their legs under their rear so the wide seat is super helpful. It's comfortable and even though I did have issues with one of the arm rests not wanting to attach (like others have stated), with some struggling it's fine. Here's hoping I get another year and a half out of the replacement.*Edit: Well the replacement lasted about 10 months. The thought of spending $80 to buy another chair that might or might not last another year was just a little frustrating so I opted to buy a chair rated up to 400 lbs and quit having to deal with the weak metal. If I were <250 lbs I would love this chair and I'm sure it would last.

Customer 2018-10-04 19:39:19 UTC

First let me start off by saying this review reflects my entire ordeal with ordering this chair, not just the chair itself once it is put together. I am writing this review the day after I was finally able to put the chair together in working condition. Roughly a month ago I bought this chair. My old one started to have the "leather" flake off of it like many of these do, I had it about 5+ years, so it was time for a new one. This one here is a very similar style to my old one which I liked, and thought it was a reasonable price, so I went with it. When I received the box, I noticed it was in really bad shape. They had clearly shipped it off this way, because there was tape over most of the box trying to keep it together. But I opened the box, and nothing was broken or scuffed, so I wasn't too worried about it. I started putting the chair together. Usually these aren't that complicated to figure out; the chair came with some pretty vague instructions, which should be enough to figure it out. You put the base together first. No problems. You attach the harness to the bottom of the seat, no problems. The problems arose when I tried to attach the arms to the seat. How this (and most chairs like this) are set up is that you attach the arms to the seat of the chair, then you attach the back of the chair to the arms. To me, that is really strange, but that is how my old one was too and I never had issues with it. So anyway, the problem was that the armrest holes did not line up with the holes where you screw the screws in to the seat. This was not user error. The holes were not even close - there was a good half inch difference in distance. The only way a screw would even go in there is if you sanded down the hole to make it larger or something. Not only do I not have those kinds of tools, but I shouldn't have to do that to put a chair together. This is definitely a manufacturer issue, and it seems this is common based on many other reviews I read. I contacted the seller on here and explained to them my situation. They offered to send me a new arm rest (I was able to put the left one on properly but not the right side), so I agreed and they shipped me just a new right armrest in hopes that it would be better. A week later I get the new armrest and I had the same issue as before. I then deducted that the issue was actually with the seat and not the armrests, the part where you screw the bolts into the seat were too far apart, or one looked a bit bent. I contacted the seller again and explained that rather than continuing to try and troubleshoot the issue, I would rather just get a refund. They had no problem with that, but told me I had to ship the chair back. Now, generally speaking, I don't think that is an unreasonable request when wanting a refund for an item you purchased. However, the box they shipped the chair to me in was falling apart. I would have to find a new box to fit this chair, likely would have to purchase a box and hope it fits in there. Moreover than that, I had already put half the chair together, and couldn't figure out how to get it back apart! I was actually going to try and ship it back but I straight up could not get the seat off of the base of the chair. I contacted the seller yet again and explained this to them, they sent me a random YouTube video that they had found that showed how to put it together and told me to just do the opposite... which was not helpful at all. I then decided to just agree to let them send me a new seat in hopes that this would fix my issue. At this point this was 2-3 weeks after I had purchased and received the defective chair. I was already very dissatisfied with my experience. About a week and a half after that, in the mail what I received was not only the seat of the chair, but they also went ahead and sent me two arms and a back, and they had attached everything for me already. All I had to do was screw the base onto the rest of the chair, then screw in the back part of the seat to keep it up right. I was glad they did this for me, because it made putting it together easier. Unfortunately I had more issues. First, when I took it out of the box, I noticed there were scuffs and stains all over various parts of the chair. It honestly looked like someone puked on the back of the chair and attempted to clean it up but not really. NO IDEA WHAT IT WAS, and it took some scrubbing to get it to where it was at least 80% better. At this point I didn't even care what it looked like, I just wanted a chair to use. I was able to attach the base to the seat just fine, however it took 3 people to screw the back of the chair in! Again, the holes did not line up, and it was VERY difficult to press against the chair to get the holes to line up. Wow! Let me just say, this chair is MUCH more difficult to put together than it needs to be.I guess this is what happens when you spend so little on an office chair made in China. I'm really surprised by how many positive reviews this chair got because I know it couldn't have been that easy for everyone to put it together.Anyway, that was my unfortunate ordeal. I will say, while not completely satisfied, the customer service representative I was speaking to from the seller tried to be helpful. I give them about 4/5 stars for that, only because they were making me send the chair back in order to get a refund. I shouldn't have to figure out how to take the chair apart and try and mail it back all because of their defective item. I feel like if they had excellent customer service, they wouldn't have made me to that, especially in my situation that they were aware of, in order to get a refund.Now, onto a review of the chair itself. I like it. It feels relatively sturdy and well made, considering the price of this chair. I find it to be worth the price, let's put it that way. I can't speak for longevity, but it's comfortable, and doesn't make any weird noises or creaks (at least not yet!). My one complaint is that it sits a bit TOO upright for my taste. When I sit in a chair, I want the back bottom part of the seat to be slightly lower than the front. This chair, the back of the seat is very upright, and the base of the seat is flat, which makes it feel like I'm leaning forward when I'm actually sitting flat. Also, it's kind of difficult to lean back in this chair. It does lean back, about as far as you would expect it to, however you have to hold yourself there otherwise the seat will kind of force you back upright. For example, if I lean back in the chair with my knees bent but not touching the floor, the chair will naturally make me sit back upright. If I stretch my legs out while trying to do this, it immediately makes me go back to sititng up right. I have to push with my legs in order to stay reclined. I actually want to say that my old chair felt the same way, so I'm hoping that with some use, both of these complaints will be worked out once I break the chair in. Because I know I didn't have to do that with my old chair.TL;DR - This chair isn't worth buying, I would not buy it again. It's a hassle to put together (if you even can), and there are probably better options out there available. I highly recommend spending a little more money and getting something American made.

debra handricks 2018-10-04 19:39:19 UTC

chair back poorly designed, separated from arms and bottom . avoid this piece of garbage.

WhiteLion 2018-10-04 19:39:19 UTC

I purchased this chair because it "looked" plush and comfortable. It appeared to have ample padding to make sitting in it an enjoyable experience. The reality is that this chair is neither plush, comfortable or enjoyable to sit in. It is rock hard. The padding, such as it is, has already become compressed on the arms of the chair (in just 2 months) to the point it is flat and has left an indentation. The seating may also be compressing but it is hard to tell since it was so hard to begin with it and never felt as though there were any padding at all. Another factor you may want to be aware of and which totally escaped me when I was viewing the chair online is this: there are so many "nooks and crannies" that Thomas' English Muffins seem like a chalk board. And each of those nooks and crannies catch every fiber of lint, hair, dust, flaked skin or other form of detritus imaginable.I am a positive kind of person and that is reflected in almost everyone of my reviews. But when a product lacks any redeeming qualities what-so-ever, I cannot help but warn other consumers about the pitfalls of buying the product. Listen, everyone has personal preferences. Some people would sleep on a slab of rock and give 5 stars for the good night's sleep they got. If that is what you like, then this is the chair for you. But if you prefer that your tush to be cradled a bit more gently you might wish to look elsewhere for another chair.

BurghGal 2018-10-04 19:39:19 UTC

Bought for my daughter, she's ok with it, it felt ok when I sat in it, comfy enough for the price. HOWEVER... the 2nd day she had it, it started squeaking, and it's so annoying and gets louder every day (and yes we tried WD-40 and a couple other things to stop it). Not what I want or expect from a product right out of the box. Nope, I wouldn't buy it again.**Update 09/28/2017 ~ Down to 1 star - didn't even get a year out of it. Definitely a classic 'got what we paid for' thing, i didn't expect it to last forever but a year would have been nice, and it never did stop the nasty squeak. I sat on it about a month ago and was surprised to feel NO padding, it felt like i was sitting on an old wooden school chair from the 70s :P Now, a few days ago, the back support failed and the whole back of the chair fell completely backwards to the floor (and took her with it when she leaned back). I could understand if she was rough on her stuff but she's not. I would avoid.

Mossyfrog 2018-10-04 19:39:19 UTC

I like it very much. Looks like quality. The only things I do not like or unsure of so far is the seat is sort of hard (fixable with cushion). and the seat and back recline together. not use to that. I like the kind where back reclines only. But I can get use to it. All in all for $80 this is a huge steal! Office chairs are so expensive even at walmart.Update 2017-05-14 : I'm reducing the stars from 4 to 2 1/2 due to the seat is hard now. And its only been about 2 months using it.the stuffing has disappeared. Not sure where it went lol. It didn't have much seat cushions to begin with but now its basically like sitting on a plank. you would think they would spend just a lil more to support this. I guess at $80 you get what you pay for even though I think furniture is way over priced to begin with.